Diabetes is becoming a large epidemic in the current times. What's more, diabetes is no longer a disease for the old alone, young people are also getting diagnosed with diabetes these days. A proactive routine of treatment for diabetes is required for diabetes not to lead to other complications like kidney diseases, heart disease, stroke or even blindness. Medications for diabetes such as insulin shots can only do so much in preventing or reversing the effects of diabetes. Simple lifestyle choices can, however, help one lessen or even reverse the effects of diabetes especially for Type 2 Diabetics. Diet and exercise are some of the most effective lifestyle choices that one can use to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. 

Eating right is an effective way of preventing or reversing the effects of Type 2 diabetes. The number one lifestyle choice that leads to a rise in blood sugar, weight gain and other issues related to diabetes is poor choices of the food that we eat. Wrong foods make people more vulnerable to a rise in blood sugar and weight gain. A good diet does not only help in the treatment of diabetes but also good for keeping the disease at bay. Diet for diabetes simply means developing a well-thought plan for eating so that the sugar levels in your blood are not affected. With a good diet plan, you can understand the impact of various foods on the blood sugar levels and this can help you choose what foods to include or eliminate from your diet.  To know more about diabetic test strips, visit 

Exercise is another excellent way of controlling diabetes. Exercise is not only effective for Type 2 diabetes but is also cheap if you compare it to insulin injections and other medications for diabetes. Exercise involves simple activities like running, swimming or cycling. Exercise helps in the controlling of weight gain. Weight loss helps the body in preventing insulin resistance that leads to the onset of diabetes. Regular exercise also helps control blood glucose and improve insulin sensitivity by the body. The resistance to insulin by the body occurs when the body does not recognize the insulin that is produced. This keeps glucose in the blood instead of transferring it to the cells for use. This, in turn, leads to starved cells and a high level of blood glucose.  Learn about blood sugar test here! 


Regular exercise and the right diet are two of the most effective and cheap ways of fighting obesity which the main culprit in Type 2 diabetes. Know about blood glucose meters here!